Weekend Wanderings

Crazy week.  Halloween started on Friday last weekend and continued right on through Monday night.  Thank goodness we ran out of candy at 7:30!  These were some fun things I ran across on the internet this week.

This post on Halloween.  Jubilee keeps asking me why certain of our friends don’t “do” Halloween, so this was timely.

Oswald Chambers, on Obedience of Independence:  “My personal life may be crowded with small, petty happenings, altogether insignificant. But if I obey Jesus Christ in the seemingly random circumstances of life, they become pinholes through which I see the face of God. Then, when I stand face to face with God, I will discover that through my obedience thousands were blessed. When God’s redemption brings a human soul to the point of obedience, it always produces.”

Been checking out thrift stores.  Love her finds, hoping to fill my house with more second-hand seating too!


Found some awesome baskets to hang on my kitchen walls though.  I was wondering how to hang them up.  This was instructive, so I did likewise.

How to Hang a Basket Wall {31 Days of Easy Decor Ideas}

I also found so many awesome basket walls on Pinterest (board here).  Loved this one.

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