Welcome, friend! I’m Becky. Peering into the Word of God, looking at it from different angles and attempting to understand what it holds for us has been my jam for a long time. Ever since I was a teen, I’ve gathered people together to pour over the words of the Bible. I dislike clique Christian-ese and easy answers and I love digging deep, but I’m discovering, that many times, the simple answers ring true and are the most satisfying.

My love for studying and analyzing has permeated my life. I applied and honed my skills with great success in school, getting almost straight A’s from high school all the way through law school, where I graduated 4th in my small law school class. Despite (or maybe, because of) all my hard-earned head-knowledge, Jesus used motherhood to shake me awake and radically prune my soul in ways I had never imagined. I mention my pedigree only to tell you, I know how to study, but study alone cannot bring us to the intimate knowledge of Jesus that God desires.

I have been married to my husband for 14 (or is it 15? or 16?) years. I am mother of three (ages 10, 8 and 4). I still practice law by day — primarily civil litigation.

I started this blog years ago when my first child was born, as a place to more efficiently record my thoughts. It’s my prayer that this space be permeated with the Holy Spirit, that it would awaken you to an awareness of the hunger in your soul, and point you to the Ultimate Nourisher and Satisfier of our desires. Let us delight in Him, and may His goodness satisfy us today.