Weekend Wanderings

I’ve been dreaming about this soup.  I’ve made it twice.  Of course, I modified it to be wheat-free and totally fried the meatballs before I put them in the broth.  But it was so.  Good.

This article.  “When I speak the truth, pray, and hold up my light with shaking arms because it’s all I know to do, I am a good mom.”

I felt the Holy Spirit when I read this.  However you vote, don’t be silent when someone unabashedly brags about sin.  

But, also, leave their response up to them and God.  Don’t take the burden on yourself.

Ever since I discovered Joanna Gaines, I’ve loved the look of cotton stems.  Of course, I can’t exactly pick them up on the side of the road around here, so  … after we have a painter come paint our living room in November, I’m going to try out this DIY cotton stem.

DIY Cotton Stems | www.makingitinthemountains.com

Did I mention that I joined the Nester’s Cozy Minimalist Class?  (For heaven’s sake we’ve literally had paint swatches up on our walls for longer than it takes to grow and deliver a baby).  One of the gals pinned this as her inspiration room.  I might mimic her.  We’ve got these awful not-quite-built-in bookshelves that Kagan wants to paint navy …

Hi Sugarplum | ORC Living Room

And, since I’ve been totally lurking on Pinterest these days — because, I signed up for The Nester’s class — I also discovered this funky, fun room.  Do you think Kagan would agree to this?

Hanging Chair & Gallery Wall Inspiration, Waiting On Martha

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