A Prayer for the Angry

You are the Creator.  You are holy.  You promise that one day, You will judge.

We are the created.

And, we have been angry.  Things don’t go as planned.  We have gnashed our teeth at inconveniences in our days.  We have railed against other people.  We have lashed out in frustration at ourselves, at our children, at our parents, at our sisters and brothers.  In rage, we have become, in little ways and large ones — the judge, jury and executioner.

In this, we presume.  We ignore Your place.  Our faith falters.  Rather than looking for Your hand, Your blessing, Your lesson, we allow our angry hearts to flow through us.

We have sinned.  Father, forgive us.  Father, give us the humility and courage to ask forgiveness from those we have sinned against.

Father, help us in our haste.  Check our spirits Lord.  May we listen.  May we be slow to speak.  May we allow You to transform our hearts, minds, and desires.

Great is your faithfulness.  We are grateful, Lord, for the beauty of Your everlasting love.  We are grateful, Lord, for the washing of our sins.  We cling to your grace upon grace.  Cleanse us.  May it not be a nature of pride that flows through us, but may it be Jesus…You have forgiven us much, may we forgive others.

Yes, may it be so.

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