Gentleness – Day 5

Gentle instruction and correction seem like snow in August.  Unexpected and unnatural. 

Let’s carefully peer into some gentle instruction.  Pull out your Bible (or Bible app to listen!) and prepare yourself to soak in a scene from Jesus’ life.

Here, we have what was a dinner party.  Well, to be accurate, it must have been a pre-dinner party.  Take yourself back to Biblical times, settle into the house.  Jesus has been traveling the country, healing the sick, teaching and preaching. 

1. Now, we come to Luke 10:38-41.  Invite the Lord to speak to you and use your senses to imagine the scene.  What did the Spirit impress upon you?

Let’s encounter two more scenes from Jesus’ life.  Next, turn to Matthew 26:31-45.

2. From this passage, in verses 31-35,  what did Jesus forewarn the disciples?  What specifically did he forewarn Peter?

3. What was Peter and the rest of the disciples response?

4. What did Jesus tell his disciples to do in verses 36 and 40?  What did the disciples do?

5. Turn to Matthew 26:56.  Who stayed with Jesus in the face of the angry mob?

6. Turn to Matthew 26:69-74.  What did Peter do before the rooster crowed?

7. Now, employing your imagination, turn to John 21:15-19.  Imagine the scene – smell the tangy salt air mixed with the aroma of the fish they had just eaten, hear the sound of the waves lapping against the shore of the Sea of Tiberias. See Peter, perhaps still wet from his earlier plunge into the sea in his haste to arrive on shore.  Feel the breeze, sticky with humidity and salt.  What did the Spirit impress upon you?

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