Goodness – Day 4

Today, another lectio divino.

Let your imagination fill in the blanks as you would experience if you were physically there: imagine what the weather was like?  Imagine the smells – food,  wine.  Listen with your ears – was there a chatter of people talking around the table?  See with your eyes, was it dimly lit inside, growing dark outside with a fire burning in a hearth?

Keeping these things in mind, turn to Matthew 26:6-13 – read it, or even listen to it on a Bible app. 
What did God impress upon you?

Look again at verse 10 – “Why are you bothering this woman?”  Jesus asks in response to the disciples indignation.  “She has done a beautiful thing to me.”  “Beautiful” is what my version says.  But, according to Strong’s Concordance, that word is “agathos” or “good.”  Beauty = good.

What beauty have you experienced recently?

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